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Studenthouse Saikku

Pori’s studenthouse Saikku is a livingroom for all academical students. Located in the center of Pori, right next to the town square, in Antinkatu 7. Studenthouse is managed by thePori Studenthouse association, which is founded by Students' Association Pointer, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences’ students’ union SAMMAKKO, and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences students' union O'Diako Pori.

The Student house Saikku provides facilities for different sorts of student happenings, concerts, exhibitions and sauna evenings. The biggest screen in the center of Pori allows you to watch football or ice hockey in the way that only a live match can beat. The gaming room is a place for you to meet your friends and compete with board games or console games.

As a student it’s possible for you to reserve Saikku with very low costs. To parties and events which are directed to students the facilities can be reserved for free. The house is of course available for non students also. To get more information on reserving Saikku please contact

Studenthouse Saikku
Antinkatu 7
28100 Pori
+358 45 332 3903 (Mon-Fri 10.00-15.00)