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Student cards and year tags

Student Cards

All students who have paid the student union membership fee are entitled to a student card.

1) Students of Tampere University of Technology / University of Tampere
Please read the instructions carefully before ordering the card!
First activate your personal user ID.
• all the new students will be registered as university students at the beginning of each academic year (1 August and 1 January). Ordering the student card is not possible before that date. It might take a few days for the information to update in year 2022.
• you need to register with the university and pay the student union membership fee. After you have paid the membership fee, please wait a couple of days before you order the card because the transaction takes some time.
• you need either a credit card or the possibility to use online banking. The card costs 10 euros and the same card works troughout your studies.
• you have an appropriate photo of yourself. Make sure the photo is a facial image that resembles a passport photo: well-lit and clear, preferably with a light and neutral background. If you don’t have such a photo, you can take one with your phone.
Please be aware that…
• if you have ordered the card with a photo that does not meet the criteria, you will have to order a new card that meets the criteria. The payment will not be refunded.
• if you study mainly at the city center campus or at Kauppi campus your card will automatically have the access key feature to the university facilities of those two campuses. You can also get the access key feature to Hervanta campus at any info desk of the Hervanta campus.
• if you study mainly at Hervanta campus, you have to activate the access key feature at any info desk at the Hervanta campus. The new student card has automatically access to city centre and Kauppi campus.
• if you have chosen for the card to be delivered to the Pori unit, it can be collected from the Pointer ry’s office.
• if the card is not collected within 2 years, the card will become the student union’s property and it will be destroyed.
When you have ordered the card…
• the order will go directly to the card manufacturer. The estimated manufacturing time is 1-2 weeks. During summer time the card manufacturing is on a break.
• you can check if your student card is ready from this page, under title Collectable student cards
• when collecting your card, you must have a valid photo identification (passport, driver’s license or official ID card).
• You can order the student card to Pori, where it is collected from Pointer ry Office.
• the card can be posted to you. If you need your card posted, please contact help@trey.fi about the details. We recommend picking up the student card from the campus when visiting it.
Order your student card here.

2) Students of University of Turku (Turku School of Economics, Cultural Production and Landscape Studies)
• Students can order their student cards from MyFrank: https://frank.fi/en/student-card/university/
• You'll need a digital photo of yourself to complete the order
• It is recommended to pay the fee (15,10€) for the card online during the ordering process with a credit card or from a Finnish e-bank account. If you do not have the possibility to use neither a credit card nor the e-bank, please contact the Pointer´s Student services for further information.
• You also need to fill in your Finnish student number given by the University of Turku when ordering your student card
• When asked for the student union, choose TYY‐Pori
• After ordering and paying for the card, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Cards can be picked up from Pointer’s student services 2‐3 weeks later.

Year Tags

'The student card is updated every year with a new year tag. New students get the first year tag with the card automatically. The year tags can be picked up from the beginning of August from student services. To get the year tag students must show a certificate of enrolment.

New academic year begins August 1st but the previous tag is still valid in:
• Restaurant Sofia until September 30th
• long-distance buses (Matkahuolto) and long-distance trains (VR) until September 30th

Pointer Sticker

UCPori students will also get a Pointer sticker from student services. The sticker entitles students to all benefits meant for members of Pointer (student discounts, free entry to post-event parties, healthcare services, sports services).

Student Card Benefits

The student card with a valid year tag on it provides you many considerable benefits:
• subsidized lunches at Restaurant Sofia and other student restaurants
• mainly half-priced lond-distance bus and train tickets
• discounts in various stores and restaurants around town
You can find all the students national benefits: https://alennukset.frank.fi/en/discounts/ and the local benefits: http://www.slice.fi