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Sports and exercise services




Pointer’s membership sports services and benefits
Pointer offers its members comprehensive sports services. Weekly football and floorball shifts are free. Paid sports services are more than 50% cheaper for Pointer members compared to the normal student price.

For all the sports services, you can contact Sports Directors of Pointer's Board of Directors Kalle Rautiainen kalle.e.rautiainen(at)utu.fi and Joonas Järvelä joonas.j.jarvela(at)utu.fi

In addition, students in Satakunta have the opportunity to use CampusMoWe's extensive sports and sports facilities. Read more at campusmowe.fi.

Pointer ry offers its international students a chance to lend biking equipment from the office.
Remember to wear helmet when bicycling!
Light set:
Pointer offers a set of lights, white and red. The white one should be installed to the front of the bike and
red one to the back. There is a total of 10 sets.
Pointer offers wire locks to your bikes. With wire lock, you can attach your bike to something firm like a bar
or a tree, eliminating the risk of someone stealing it.
Deposit: Light set 5€ / Lock 5€

Pointer floorball shifts (free)
Monday evenings from 8 pm to 9.30 pm Pori Lyceum Gym (Annankatu 5)

Pointer football shifts (free)
Tuesday evenings from 9:30pm to 10:30 pm at Karhuhalli Urheilutie 1 PointerSportti.

Do you need a ride to sports venues? Join the PointerSportti group on Facebook! The group will also be notified of any cancellations.

Pointer has placed two mailboxes on the jogging trails of the city of Pori. One can be found on the Kirjurinluoto and the other on the Katinkuru jogging path. The boxes contain a booklet in which, by entering the date, name and email address, you will participate in the draw.

In other words, the more often you go jogging, the more likely the prize is yours!

The jogging draw is performed 3 times a year (autumn, spring, summer). The first draw will take place at the end of the summer season in early September. The winner will be notified by email and the prize can be picked up from the student secretary.

Frisbee golf
Frisbee golf discs can be borrowed from Pointer's office. There are frisbee golf courses in Pori at Kirjurinluoto, Yyteri and Sampola.

More information about the tracks.

GOGO Express Gym

As a member of Pointer, you can have one time visit for free (regular price 10€).

12 months gym membership for the price 10€/month (regular price 29,90€) + free joining fee.

More information here.

Liisankatu 2-4, 28100 Pori

Satakunta Wellness Center - Yoga
By showing a student card with a pointer sticker, the student can participate in the yoga classes of the Satakunta Wellness Center for 3 € (Normal price for students 8 €).

Check out the Yoga Hall weekly program here.

Swimming pools, sports hall and Karhuhalli
Pointer members have access to the sports venues of the city of Pori including the city centre swimming hall, sports hall, Meri-Pori swimming pool, public outdoor swimming pool (Porin maauimala) and Karhuhalli with a student card with a Pointer sticker for 1 € / time.

More information about the sports venues of the city of Pori here.

Crossfit Karjaranta
As a member, you get a Crossfit Karjaranta membership for € 45 a month (Normal price € 79). More experienced people can redeem a self-service membership for 36.5 € / month (normally 50 €) and for beginners a beginner's course 99 €.

More information about the courses and the sports venue on the website.