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International college

Pointer international college for exhange students!

You can now order your own international college here!

Fill out a form and we will contact you when you can pick yours up from the Pointer's office! Payment will be made while picking up the college!


UCPori college

UCPori college is for anyone studying and working at University Consortium of Pori. With this college you increase the sense of community inside University Consortium of Pori. College is 35€ and the model is Russel Authentic.

You can also buy College dress, that will cost 49€. Dress is loose fit. It has the same color options as regular college.

Order UCPori-college with this form. We will inform you, when you can pick it up from the Pointer's Office. Payment will be made by card when you pick up the college. If you want, you can also order the college to your home address.

Order here!