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Health and welfare services

Health services for exhange students in Pori

The City of Pori will provide basic healthcare services for exhange students. You have to prove your entitlement to public health care services. Citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries are enttitled to necessary medical treatment throug public health care if they have European Healt Insurance Card (EHIC). The card has to be ordered from their home countries before coming to Finland.

More infromation from the City of Pori website

To see a public health nurse or doctor in Pori you need to book an appointment by phone first. If you need a nurse or a doctor, please contact +358 2 621 5000. The telephone line for appointments is open Mon-Fri 8:00-26:00. In Peräsimentie apartments, your local Health Center is Health Center Cotton (Sote-keskus Cotton). The available basics services include services of nurse/doctor. Doctor's appointments are subject to charge, but nurse's appointments are free of charge. Please notice that if you can't come to the reserved appointment, you need to cancel it in time. Otherwise you will be charged 50€. To use the services, you don't need to be a member of a Student Union,however, you need to apply for a Finnish personal identity code once you have arrived to Pori.



Emergency phone 112

Satakunnan keskussairaala (Satakunta Central Hospital) Sairaalantie 3, Pori

Phone Service tel. (02) 627 6868
• on weekdays: 16.00–08.00
• on weekends and holidays: 24 h/day)

More information: https://www.pori.fi/en/index/healthandsocialservices/emergencyservices.html 

Student Deaconess

The church wishes to be a part of people's everyday life. Therefore the students and staff at the University Consortium of Pori have their own deaconess they can turn to, when they:
• feel they can no longer cope with their studies, work, or life in general
• are feeling lonely
• are experiencing problems in a relationship
• need someone to talk to
You can contact the Student Deaconess by phone or e-mail. You can also meet her in “Porin seurakuntakeskus” (Eteläpuisto 10 A, 1. floor).

Student Deaconess Johanna Simola
0400-309 771